Make a smart addition to your home with the MasterPiece Series Hinged Fiberglass Patio Door by MP Doors. Engineered with Hydroshield Technology, the fiberglass door panels with complete composite edging and full composite frames are 100% waterproof and resist rotting, warping, splitting, delaminating, denting and rusting. Loaded with energy efficient features, this hinged door comes double bored and includes patented water-resistant draining system and weather-stripping insulation. Both the main active panel and the secondary passive panel are operable. Open both door panels to reveal a wide clear opening with no center post to hinder your view. The secondary passive panel comes with 2 flush bolt locks that secure into the top and bottom frame when closed. This low maintenance door is engineered to withstand a lifetime of use and offers peace of mind that your door will remain beautiful for years to come.

  • HO-1128/1139
  • Lifetime warranty for peace of mind
  • Frame made of 100% composite waterproof material, will never rot
  • Full composite edged high-density fiberglass door panels withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Flush glazed door for added architectural appeal and easy maintenance
  • Will not rust like metal doors, will not rot like wood doors and frames
  • Engineered with Hydroshield technology to repel water
  • Factory assembled door system for a precise fit and easy installation
  • Double bored to accommodate the handle set of your choice
  • Double astragal system produces a secure weather-tight seal without a center post between the doors
  • Operable secondary passive panel, includes 2 flush bolts to secure panel to top and bottom of frame when closed
  • Paintable smooth interior and exterior surface
  • ENERGY STAR qualified everywhere in the United States, helps keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Insulating CFC-free polyurethane foam core and included weather stripping for added energy efficiency
  • Patented water-resistant draining system
  • Sturdy doors measure 1-3/4 in. thickness
  • 10-lite internal grilles between the glass

MP Doors Fiberglass Smooth Outswing Hinged French Patio Door w/ 10-Lite GBG

$4,067.00 Regular Price
$3,253.60Sale Price